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Eyebrow Wrinkle Filler

Kaş Arası Kırışıklık Dolgusu

How Eyebrow Wrinkle Fillers Are Applied?

As an important component of facial expression and a victim of constant sun exposure, it’s no wonder the glabella is prone to wrinkles. Expressive horizontal lines begin to etch across the forehead. Sometimes, especially in individuals with a heavy brow and lids, the constant need for the forehead muscles to pull up the sagging brow can also result in a forehead striped in deep creases. Throw in the aging process, when skin begins to lose its elasticity, and resting wrinkles crop up as well.

How Long Does Eyebrow Wrinkle Filler Last?

Injection site reactions from the needle puncture of the skin can result in swelling, bruising, redness, pain, itching, and infections. A certain amount of swelling and bruising is expected and usually lasts no more than a few days. Eyebrow wrinkle filler can last in varying durations from 1,5 years to 2 years.

Should You Try Eyebrow Wrinkle Filler?

To look smoother, younger and less aggressive, you can benefit from eyebrow wrinkle filler.