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Genital Region Laser Hair Removal

Genital Bölge Lazer Epilasyon

Genital Region  Laser Hair Removal Application

Thanks to the technological advances, laser epilation can be applied to hair in the all region of body and everyone wishes to get rid of hair problem.

Is it Safe to Have Genital Region Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

Yes, it is safe. Benefits of genital region  laser hair removal:

  • Laser hair removal treatment can lighten your skin.
  • You can get rid of ingrown hair problem by laser hair removal treatment.
  • Laser hair removal is permanent so  you can get rid of other hair removal methods.

Laser epilation hair removal focuses on the thickness and colour of the hair. Laser is absorbed by hair follicles because of its colour. By Alexandrite Candela’s renewed laser wave length, it is used in very thin hairs. Alexandrite Candela laser epilation is a state-of-the-art, patented system that selectively cools the upper layers of your skin an instant before the laser energy pulse is applied which serves to minimize any discomfort caused by heat emitted from the laser itself.

 How to apply laser hair removal to the genital region?

To prepare the area for laser hair removal it needs to be shaved 1 mm in length before application. All hair is to be removed from the areas you wish to get treated. Since laser beams are directly focused on your skin, there are some possible side effects; side effects vary with the complexion of your skin.  The redness and swelling disappear soon after each treatment. An antibacterial lotion can prevent this.

Alexandrite Candela is most preferred laser because it is a lot less painful.  It feels like a rubber band flicking .