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Non-Surgical Spot Removal Treatment

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Non-Surgical Spot Removal With Plasma Energy

Dark spots are the result of excess melanin production in a concentrated area. Some birthmarks are caused by high skin pigmentation. And other forms of dark spots (e.g. age/sun spots) occur when the skin produces higher levels of melanin in response to sun exposure. This is how it tries to protect itself since melanin is like a type of sunscreen that your body manufactures.  Non-surgical spot removal treatment can made by plasma energy.

Non-Surgical Spot Removal With Plasma Energy

Plasma energy is performed without any operation and the treatment takes 30 minutes. Plasma energy is also effective at acnes and black spots. It is a non-surgical treatment.  There is no pain during the ptreatment and afterwards.

What Are The Features Of Plasma Energy?

Local anaesthesia is required for non-surgical spot removal with plasma energy. In this way numbness is provided.  Only one session is enough in this treatment.  Patients can go about your daily life afterward. As your skin begins to heal, a layer of scab will form over the are where the plasma energy was administered. There are no side effects. Allergy is not possible during the procedure. Cancer patients should not benefit from plasma energy treatment.