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Stretch Mark Treatment

They are dermal scars or disfiguring lesions characterized by flattening and atrophy of the epidermis. Stretch marks are linear, smooth bands on the skin that, depending on skin color, can appear as red or purple and which fade over time to leave silvery pale marks.  Keep your skin healthy and hydrated to improve its elasticity. Also, you should pay attention to the followings.

Avoid rapid weight gain. Stretch marks are most likely to appear when you gain or lose a significant amount of weight in a short time.

Keep your body well hydrated. It is recommended that you get 2 lt water each day.

Cold water quickens the circulation of the blood and cold shower will cause your skin to shrink thus reducing stretch marks.

Vitamin A, E and C and cosmetic produtc rich in collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid can help improve skin elasticity as well and therefore prevent stretch marks. Most of these oils work because of their antioxidant properties which reduce free radical damage.

Tight clothing can also impede the free-flowing circulation of blood within the body. This can lead to a host of health problems such as strech marks.

The most common areas affected


Breasts are one of the most tender and sensitive areas of the body.  In most cases, breast stretch marks appear either after pregnancy.


Pregnancy is the main cause behind abdominal stretch marks. As skin is stretched, the collagen is weakened and its normal production cycle is interrupted and damaged. To prevent abdominal stretch arks you can massage with  almond oil and   use cosmetic products.


Strech marks on the upper part of the waist may appear at any age. Both men and women are susceptible to stretch marks. These stretch marks can occur during sudden changes in body size, such as rapid weight-gain. Eating right can help you avoid excess weight gain.

Stretch Mark Treatment

  • Carboxytherapy 

The most common aesthetic indications for treatment with carboxytherapy are for cellulite and stretch marks (striae), skin laxity. Carboxytherapy uses a series of small injections with a thin needle attached to a tube which delivers tiny quantities of medical grade carbon dioxide below the skin’s surface.

  • Chemical Peeling

AHA peels include glycolic acid and it can improve the appearance of vertical nascent stretch marks. AHA peels have concentrations of glycolic acid 50 percent. . Sessions are usually held once a week and number of sessions varies according to individual.

  • Mesotherapy

With this method, it is aimed to stimulate and fill the collagen structure. It is a very effective method for pink and red strech marks. Necessary medication is injected into the skin where the strech mark is located. Sessions are usually held once a week. This treatment process takes 2,5-3 months.

  • Microdermabrasion – Micropeel

Microdermabrasion can improve the appearance of older stretch marks. This type of treatment involves a hand-held device that blows crystals onto skin. These crystals gently remove a fine layer of skin, promoting the growth of new, more-elastic skin.

Micropeel  treatment involves the gentle removal of dead skin cells through a painless technique. Dermabrasion is a highly effective and reliable skin regeneration technique. You can go back to typical everyday living. A normal course of treatments varies at approximately 1-3 week intervals.

Treatment is not safe in sunny days or in summer.

Treatment  period varies from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the area  to be treated.

6 to 10  sessions are usually required for an effective result.